Can't get past beginner stage of challenge event



I have been playing this game for about 2.5 months. When the Oct challenge event came out and i couldn’t finish the beginner level, i figured it was just becasue of my weak team. Now i am playing with five 3 star heros, all level 3 ascention

Oberon level 45 special power level 8 (yes, i kow, but i don’t have any other 3 star heros)
Belith Level 42 special power level 8
Gunner level 50 special power level 5
Bane level 32 special power level 8
Hawkmoon level 36 special power level 3

so, is this just so hard that i can’t complete Stage 10? I am taking 5 healing, 10 mana, axes and turrle banner, and stage 10 isn’t even close, i can’t take out even one of the final boses before i am defeated. Additionally, my highest score from any stage is 32K, but i am seeing the leader with over 500K points! How is that even possible?!?!?! Am i the only one experienceing this?


What level are your troops?

Are you going into the final boss wave with all your specials fully charged?

On the final stage, Lady Locke is most likely destroying you with her damage over time because you have no antidotes. Take arrows, axes, antidotes (small) and mana potions (mana potions are better than heal potions bc you have two healers, so charge one up and heal the whole team).


Hello there @docjest!

I know it’s hard to get things rolling with you putting in time and effort over the past 2.5 months.

For this event you are pretty much going to need a solid 3* yellow team to ease through the beginner event.

The other way around would be to level up your troops to whatever you can to help you through clearing waves much faster.

If you are not taking the time to heal up and mana up before the boss stage, then it becomes a little difficult to clear the boss stages.

Otherwise the other alternative route I would suggest is to just play the event for the summon tokens (that’s what I did during the first challenge event) and finish the rare quest(if you can) and the gem quest(that usually pops up around the challenge event).

If you haven’t started Training Camp Lvl 13 training already, I would highly suggest you to focus your energy on getting that done ASAP. Churn out heroes with Lvl 13 training and hope the RNG gods favor you with 4* heroes.

For the last question. The leaders are in a different league. They know what team composition works an what doesn’t for each stage. Sometimes it all comes down to board set up as well. So don’t stress out about leaderboards.
Set small achievable goals like completing beginner tier. Then go on to Intermediate tier and finally Advanced tier. Once you are able to do that then you can compete or if you have a strong team for the appropriate tier whichever comes first.

Hope that helps! Good luck :smiley:


Hello Dante2377,
Thank you for your response and suggestion. i didn’t realize how much damage the DOT was causing, and when i went in with the antidote (and you other suggestions as well) i completed the stage my very next attempt!! Thanks again.


Hello DevineDevil,
thank you for the advice. I am going to get my training camp up to 13 as soon as i can, this is a great suggestion. thanks for answering my other questions as well, I really do appreciate it!


Happy to help! Hope you crush those final level bosses!


On the final stage your 3* oberon is adding NO value before you hit the bosses and even then it’s limited. My guess is he’s dead before the bosses because of the dark reflect. It may seem crazy but you might be better off bringing a maxed 2* yellow (the panda maybe) given it is so heavily dark on that final stage.