Can't get Items for crafting

I played the boards 5 times with 5 Energy refills and got 2 meteorite fragments and yes I started at bored 7. Same thing for healing potion, and lumber. You want us to craft 700 items you need to give us the stuff to do it!

Are you replaying the level with an extra chance for what you need?

Yes, I have replayed the boards.

What item are you looking for?

Meteorite fragments to make Mana potion

7-3, 7-7, and 8-5 should be your best bet

Played them repeatedly and did not get meteor fragments. On my next full energy I moved up to a little higher boards and played them over and over still no meteor fragments. I used to buy this item, I can no longer do that nor do I want to the greed I find in this game is disappointing because it’s a fun game to play. It does seem if you don’t spend money you don’t get anything. There is a guy on our alliance that has not spent money has gotten many epic hero tokens and still gets three star players.

I am having an issue with this game. Currently I am at a level 34. My stronghold won’t level past 23, i have a level 20 forge and the only thing i can research is the minor healing potions when I have the materials to craft other items, i have other buildings that need upgrades but can’t cuz i cant level my stronghold. And I have the most current update of this game

Your Stronghold is capped at 23. The higher levels have not been released. You need to work on building out and leveling up all of your buildings.

To craft other items you need to level up your forge and research them. Only one level of research is available each time you level up a building. Research in the forge will cost you food. Your forge is leveled enough if it is at 20, but the research inside needs to be completed as well.

All of the unlocked and available buildings are available if your Stronghold is level 23. Different buildings need to be at different upgrade levels in order to be converted. I would work on getting all of your base buildings up to level 20, and then completing the research in each one.


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