Can't get in the game!

I am getting this in same time connection is good and I am posting this topic now!!

I will miss the war and the titan, having this for past 3,hours :frowning: Help me please.

Is there a storm near you? I had the same issue last night. I could browse the internet fine but the game wouldn’t open. I took off my phone’s case and the gaame loaded just fine. My guess is the game required a stronger internet connection than simple browsing and my case inturrupted that connect just enough to cause problems.

Bro I live in Egypt, we don’t have such a thing like this here, I guess if we ever had one we will get happy near to watch that first time to happen thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .
Back to the E&P, my connection is strong enough for YouTube and apps update!

Wow I can’t imagine never having storms—it’s a totally foreign concept to me :thinking:. Have you tried restarting your phone or your internet connection? I hope you fins the solution soon (or else SG does).

Thanks bro, works
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