Cant get in game

Anyone else having trouble getting in the game

When i wanted to start playing the game was again at the beginning and no possibility to access my game where i was on 6 . Don’t understand how this is possible ! I like to know how something like this is possible and also that this don’t happen again.

I’ve having the same issue as you. I can see my team in exalted tyrants (my alliance) but when the game loads I’m at level 6 and not at the level I was at the day before which is lvl 26. I joined the game a 145 days ago. My acct # started with a 7. I’m playing the game on my iPad. I’ve put several dollars into the game so please help!!!

Exalted Tyrants
Level 26

Can you get to the place to submit a support ticket in the game? They’ll be able to get you the fastest help.

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