Can't get 4th traininh camp

I can’t build a 4th training camp on my account. I have the space to do it but the game won’t let me. What should i do?

Have you built your stronghold to level 20? That’s when your can build a fourth training camp.

Yes i have one tc at 20 the other 2 are at 13 and 7

Duh sorry no i haven’t lol its at lvl 15

But then on my other acct has 4 tc and the sh is only 15 too

Nope. You can‘t build a fourth Training Camp before level 20 Stronghold. The game will not allow it


SH is lvl 20 wt is lvl 13

If you have stronghold at 20, empty space, and it won’t let you build the last training camp, try moving a different building into the space you have, to clear the other sort of empty spot.

You can only build certain building types on a particular blank square, but you can move any building that already exists to any spot. So if you should be able to build something new and can’t, try moving your current buildings around to find a different empty building site.

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Maybe you converted a training camp into barracks!? Take a look at your barracks to see what it used to be.


If your stronghold is level 20 and you have every available space unlocked. This is the issue. Convert to barracks back and see what’s under it.

That’s the same issue I’m having I have level 20 and almost all of my iron and Constantly upgrading all my training camps almost up to 17/14/9 but when opening 20stronghold it didn’t even offer me a training camp just more food one iron and one house

Can you show screenshot of the base so we can check?

It says I met my capacity

You get 4 spots after SH20 and you have 3 free spots. What new building did you build?

Edit: and is barracks under construction? Did you check what building you converted?

You only clearly show 27 of the 34 building sites as you’re missing the 7 in the middle. Of your 27 I can see: 3 empty slots and 2 buildings that are upgrading and cannot be identified. This means that I can only see a possible 22 buildings, too little information to be able to deduce what’s up. Please list the number of:

Empty sites:
Food storage:
Iron storage:
Training camps:
Troop barracks:

Although I couldn’t see whether you have a troops barracks, I suspect that you have and that you converted it from a training camp. If you have got a troops barracks, click on it, select convert and see what it was originally. I think that the best building to convert in to a barracks is probably a forge.


you currently already have 2 buildings under construction. You will have to wait until at least one is finished, before you can start building another


The error message for trying to Build a third building is different:


(I tried to build a house while two other buildings were under construction and saw this.)

Please delete this topic

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This wouldn’t work. The space type swaps too. Either he doesn’t know what he’s doing or he converted one to s barracks (meaning he doesn’t know what he’s doing).