Can't find my spring heroes in my Inventory

I pulled today 2 3* of the spring event and i just checking my Inventory and it’s not there. I thought maybe i feed them by mistake but the history show that i didn’t feed any 3&4* today
Please check if there is a problem and i can take pictures of my history if you want

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Have you tried closing the app and going back in? Could just be a glitch maybe

Yes i did and nothing :frowning:

Then send in a support ticket, that’s the only other thing that you can try

Thanks i just did it

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Is your roster full right now? If your maximum is say, 150 heroes, and it was full when you pulled the new ones, I think they queue so it would be 152/150 for example.

It was full but when you pull you don’t lose hero’s i think it’s a bug i already sent my video with my game history because if you feed 3* you also see it in the history

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Sounds like you’ve done everything right. Hopefully support will assist :pray::blush:

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