Can't find my own Alliance in Search

Hi, my alliance just migrated to a new alliance, because our leader went inactive. We created a new one with the same name with a “2” after it, and tried other variants as well. But, if you don’t type the name verbatim, it doesn’t come up in any Alliance searches, although many old ghost alliances with one inactive player do.

What do i need to do to show up in a search?

You mean you did not find it by doing random searches? If so, chances are just impossibly low to find a specific alliance by doing random searches. There are thousands upon thousands of alliances…

No, it doesn’t show up if you search the name.

There’s a rather large thread on this that may (or may not) help. It’s been running for a year so some thing may no longer be relevant. Over 100 posts so not reading through it all to find the gems :grin:

Here’s the link. Maybe you’ll find some nuggets of info there!

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Thanks, LadySuzanne! I’ve read through them :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like the issues have been resolved, though…

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