Can't equip my LV 30 Costume to my powered up Bane

I put my Bane costume on a LV1-1 Bane because I didn’t know that you can’t ascend the costume higher than the hero himself.
Now my inventory says I possess only 1 Bane Costume and the costume is LV1-30. But when I try to equip a costume to my fully ascended Bane, it wears a LV1-1 costume(which is not even supposed to be possessed by me)

My LV30 costume turns to a LV1 costume when equipped to my powered-up Bane.

BTW I used another Bane costume to level up the Bane costume.

Hi Abel

The costume needs to be leveled up individually. So if you put a costume on a leveled hero, it will start from lvl 1.1


Not sure you meant to mark your reply as the solution.

Main recommendation; read the FAQs

How to guide on changing costume:

TLDR to answer your issue:
Costumes must be levelled independently on each hero. Costume levels are NON-Transferable…


Every time the costume chamber is released, the forum is inundated with “I can’t equip” or “I can’t level up”, and patiently you post the links created with the answers…If people just took the time to read them :confounded:.

Keep up the great work :star_struck:.


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