Can't convert to troop leveling

My mines and farms have no convert options to level up my troops. SIGH!

Is this a bug and are you an exterminator?

2 possible causes:

  1. is your stronghold at least Level 10 and the building being converted at least Level 5?

  2. Do you already have a Troops building somewhere else?

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No, and no. BUT, Let me check something.

Lol. Yes and no. My stronghold is at 20.

If the building is level 5, it should be able to be converted. I would submit a support ticket if it can’t

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Do you have a free builder?
In order to convert a building to a barracks, you need:
Stronghold level 10 – check
Target building level 5 – check
No barracks already in existence – check
Free builder?


Don’t convert a mine or a farm you need them anyway. Convert a 2nd or 3rd forge.

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Just thought I would admit my guilt. I had meant to level up a farm, but upgrading the barracks instead. My oversight, I should be sleeping more.

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Cant convert trops too what i need tondo i have all free…

Farms and mines can’t be converted. Try a forge

Make sure you have all of the above conditions met

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Iron Storage, Food Storage, Recruit storage and Watchtower can not be converted to a Barracks. All other buildings can be converted.

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