Can't connect to server

I was trying to spend my last flags in this war and suddently can’t load the game, i tried wifi 4g connection and even a wired connection through an emulator, can’t load the game regardless, btw it’s just this account that has issues loading i can loading my second account with no issue.

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Same issue here…and I have tried everyrhing…issue seems to be is that it shows me online on the battlefield despite me being offline elsewhere.

I am having the same issue, please help!!! It says it cannot connect to the server whenever I try to start the game. Doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or 4g…

Me too. Can’t connect to server. Every other Internet platform works on my phone but this game cannot connect to server. Moment later I thought it had something to do with updates, so I check. And turns out there was an update. But even after updates I couldn’t connect to server. Yes, I rebooted the device a few times.

This feels extra awkward since I’m the alliance leader and the war is/was undergoing.

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I have been having this issue all day but just with my account can’t connect to server. My moms 2 accounts, my son’s, and my husband’s work flawlessly.

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When selecting ‘fight’ to begin a war battle I sometimes receive the ‘cannot connect to server’ error. This has happened to me 3 times since the last app update. The problem is that when I restart the game my turn is used up, and also the heroes that I selected show as used up even though the battle did not start. This can affect the outcome of the war. Please fix. How about sending me some epic heroe tokens as compensation??? :grin:

Exactly this. Literally, exactly. I hoped the update might fix things, but it didn’t. Uninstalling doesn’t work either…

Dunno if this might help, but when my device goes wonky, I turn it off completely for 30 sec, then turn back on. Usually that sorts it for me. I assume you have already done this?

If you need to contact Game Support, here is the link:

the issue has sorted itself for me, game loaded fine when i woke up might be the ticket i sent to support but i’m guessing it wasn’t since i haven’t got a response yet

Server down again?

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Right in the middle of farming… How about 2* purple trainer eh ! ? :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is anyone else seeing this error. I have tried all the fixes above. It is this device I am on, so I can assure that it has an internet connection.

i have connection problems and internet is good ,your game is problem!

i also cant login into game… 20 min. just reconnecting all the time

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I did not find a real solution in the forum, so I decided to check my advanced internet settings manually.
After checking the site of the provider, I found some settings were different than advised bij them, so I changed those settings, to the values advised by the provider and now everything seems to work.
These are the settings I had to change… I hope it works for other people too.