Cant check Aegir stats after update. Game freezes and reboots. Possible impediment for alliance wars?

I haven’t got the update yet like many other people. Aegir has his special changed significantly. Will those players without update have to face heroes with their stats prior to update or already changed? E.g. if I choose to attack Aegir will I 1) have a chance to or the game will freeze 2) face the old Aegir or the new despite the fact I don’t have the updated version?

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Usually, you cannot raid anyone with a different version.
Not sure how it will be in war. @Kerridoc any Idea?

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In past releases, being on different versions for War hasn’t been a problem.

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My concern is that there was never such a big change in so many heroes stats


Agreed, and this is the first time there has been a substantial rewrite of a special skill (Aegir). But they really can’t disqualify players on v19.1 without causing some serious issues with missing allies. My guess, therefore, is they will force the update before the war starts.

The IOS version did not start rolling yet

No forced update yet. And one of our alliance members just raided a person with a reworked version of Aegir while his own Aegir at the same time had old stats. Seems weird

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We’ll be starting AW in an hour 30, no update yet, my guess is the version difference won’t impact differently.

the hero info comes from the raiders version so all updated aegirs act like the old version until you have updated.

For war this means that there is no issue each player can only see one version of the heroes s

Does that mean that my defending Thorn will act like superThorn against updated attackers and like the old crippled guy against those nonupdated attackers?

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