Can't change the alliance description anymore

Didn’t find something related with the search function, so here we go:

I was playing around with some hex color codes in my alliance description and after some time I got the following pop-up message after saving:

No matter what text I put in and save, it won’t change anymore and I always get the message above.
Dunno if the actual name of the alliance is the problem here, but I didn’t change it anyway and changes in description worked just fine before.
Restarting the game also didn’t solve it.
The current description itself contains no innapropiate language either I think.
Sorry for bad translation but it says in german something like: " Prepare for trouble! Searching for new members! Contact us by Line: tuen…"(not writing out full ID. Can’t even change it to “hello”, “test” or anything else…

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Please #contact-support so we can investigate this. We have a new filtering system in place for Alliance names and descriptions, it might be flagging your Alliance name (in this case incorrectly).




I had the same issue today. Don’t know why “Casual players” alliance name should trigger any flags as “innapropriate” (or inappropriate).

Actually, I started changing featured message (via chat pop-up, not via allaince menu) and the game changed alliance description by removing the color codes which I coudn’t change back anymore getting the same message as @Tunixgut .

Same answer here. ^^

Please contact Support for help on this matter. :slight_smile:

U should start over with new account from level 1 . Or give lead to someone else and get it back after 1 day

Not it for some others

10 consecutive featured message changes and you get the following


Know at least 2 others that ran into this. They have Russian opponents so trying to input opponent names in featured message for war is a pain without goin back and looking at the war board

I didn’t change anything in Saders banner. Just added exclamation points to the end of our current message.

The lockout is temporary and goes away on its own but I’m betting you know that already as it’s probly some type of intent of design to prevent some kind of abuse


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