Can't change attack team in raids

Hi all,
I would like to report a bug with attack team in raids. Today I have spotted that I am not able to change my attack team from actual team 2 to any other team. I can attack only with team 2 and there is no way how to change team. Even though I try to edit team, choose another team, everytime I click apply, my team 2 is chosen as attack team for raids.
I am very disappointed about that, now I can’t get any win and though I cant fill my hero chest.
Really thank you developers for such a mistake in your game. Now do I have to wait until tournament is over or maybe war is over too?
What is making this problem? For sure it is not problem with my phone because everything else work correctly.
Please, I would like to see some comment at least from moderators.

It’s almost certainly an order of operations problem:


Why it is like that? In a moment I didn’t realize how to change my team. It is just not intuitive. Why would I swipe when there is no reference to do that just button edit.
Another thing is why I can’t apply changes when I chose my team in edit mode.
For me it is pointless.
Anyway, thanks for answer, I really appreciate.


I wish I knew. I think this has bitten all of us at one time or another. I agree that swiping to a team should be sticky, irrespective of button press order.

You’re very welcome. Good luck raiding and in the tournament!

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