Can't build Iron Storage

I have 3 iron storage but I can’t build anymore. My stronghold is level 13 and so are my iron storage. I can’t upgrade my stronghold bc I can’t store any more iron. Any suggestions?

Did you convert an iron storage to barracks? If so, you can convert it back for free and convert another building (I suggest using a forge) to barracks for free.


This has nothing to do with this topic but I have been all over this app and cannot find another way in. I am at a level where I need to increase my iron vault. I cannot do this without increasing my Stronghold, which I cannot do without increasing my iron vault. Do you see the problem?

Scroll up. Is this the problem?

Alternatively, have you built all the iron storages you can? (You may be able to build several at your current level).

I am attempting to upgrade my iron storage. Says my stronghold needs to be at level 5. Fair enough, I go to upgrade my stronghold and it wont let me because my iron storage is deficient by 1000 iron needed to upgrade it. I attempt to use gems and it doesn’t accept it. Please fix this.


@Rook This bit might be better in its own thread.
@Bbrown620 The screenshot says to build a new iron storage, and shows an empty building slot. Have you built all the iron storage buildings available to you yet?

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Thank you very much. I’ll try these first. I appreciate your quick response!