Can't believe I've been wasting my time on 5,8

So I saw on the forum this morning that the Atlantis summon was coming up and as I already had 77 Atlantis coins figured I would finally get around to trying Season 2 to get up to 100. I had been farming 5,8 for back packs but soon realized that not only is Season 2 a lot more fun but it’s dropped a ton of back packs. Got three on the very first level on normal difficulty. I know it’s a lot more world energy but seems to be worth it so far. I had been putting off Season 2 because I assumed your team needed to be strong enough to complete Season 1 before moving on to Season 2 but it seems pretty easy so far, at least on normal difficulty.


Not just backpacks, but also seem to get way more crafting mats in S2 stages. And like you stated, it’s way more fun!


I almost always farm S2 now, because of the better items I get. I do return to S1 when I need to fill an elemental chest though…I haven’t found any mono color levels in S2, but would probably still do S1 for that to fill faster for less energy.


Folks have been using S2 3-4 and 3-8 for red as the only non-red on the levels is typically the boss. Good to fill those red chests. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Rook good to know…I get such better loot from S2, it’s worth the extra energy for me most of the time. And since my last two chests have been red that’s good info to have!

Anyone else know any S2 levels good for other colors?


Yup, use to farm the tar out of 2-1-1 for backpacks. Now I’m forever farming for practice swords.

Wait until you hit the special stages. Lot of fun!

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I saw this post yesterday which might be useful:- Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide


Barry’s Guide contains over 13,000 lines of data runs, including about 6,000 from HDM’s previous guide. Good stuff!!


Great! Thanks guys, I will definitely check it out.

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I feel like S2 1-9 is yielding fewer packs than it used to.

RNG, or trend?

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Maybe, maybe not. There will be a call for data to substantiate such a claim but seeing as you said you ‘feel’ like it is then I guess for you maybe it is. Your perception, as they say, is your reality.

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All random.
I made the best experiences by looting not always the same levels.

Since I farm S2, I never run out of backies. Momentarily 176.

Sometimes a single hard throws 7 a time.

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I just wanted to know if others have noted this.

In the past 2 months, I have bought the energy drink, fast lane & loot ticket deals. Generated 20 world energy flasks, got about 470 total packs. Feels a bit on the light side for 40 energy/per (4*s2-1-9 hard)

Total of 80 runs. I guess it’s within the range, but I seem to recall getting double-digit pack runs from s2-1-9 hard.


You can check the latest data project here.


Until recently, I was in the same boat as you. I was stuck at Season 1 province 22 with my current team power, I was barely surviving the levels so I used to farm 12.9 for the exp/world energy ratio and was putting off season 2 for laters when my team would be stronger. Then I read in the forum about the upcoming Atlantis summon, and started playing Season 2,and two weeks later I am now in Province 13. I did play the first two provinces though few weeks back. But the story is so nice and gripping I am really enjoying it. Also, managed to save more than 400 Atlantis coins. And mat drops have been so much better. I think I will stay here for a while before moving back to season 1 to finish it. Need to get stronger. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @GelatinousPilot!

IMO the only reason to farm season 1 at all is to fill chests - elemental chests or X number of 8-7 or 6-8 for monster chest after farming whatever your season 2 favorite is. For season 2-1-10 gives the best backpacks, easy or hard, compared to the rest.


Thanks @Dante2377. I thought 7,4 was best for monster chests though?

isn’t 7-4 one of those special ones where every enemy gets mana? Isn’t it only 3 waves?

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Sorry, I meant Season 1 7,4

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