Can't attack titan after new update!


I can’t attack the titan after the new update…
It’s supposed to be a 6* titan.


Try do refresh the game somehow, or restart it. That titan seems also “DEFEATED!”.

Edit: Also, it shows as a 1* titan, but it’s not.


Samwise, if after restarting your game (or restarting your device) it still isn’t working, please contact Game Support:


Yes, I submitted a support request. Thanks!


Did you get any answer to your support request? I did not.

I have the same problem with mobile connection (with a reduced bandwidth for the time) or a direct WLAN Connection to my router. The issue disappeared using my laptop as hotspot.


Does this help?

Please note (especially with the new update roll out), depending on the number of requests received, it may take several business days to reply.


I have not received a reply. I didn’t get one about my TC not giving me heroes either.

My problems also seem to be linked with connectivity issues. Though I did not have these problems before the update.


Not really… No. Sorry :confused:


Same issue here. Together with an alliance member.
Have reported the bug.


Just checked - if I join another alliance - I can see and attack.
If I come back to my base, I have the same screen as SamWise. Even weirder, now I see the titan of the other alliance at my alliance screen. But only for 2 seconds, then a connection problem


I have the same problem T_T if you know how to fix it please post it