Can't ascend heroes

As the title says I can’t ascend a lot of my heroes. I have about 8 heroes that need a compass. I am leveling up double heroes and any new hero I get from my TC20. I am still playing though and I have an alliance of my own with a friend. So I am not sure how to progress futher if I can’t ascend heroes.

Get more compasses.


It can be hard for.a while… I remember a time when I couldn’t get warm cloaks and couldn’t ascend Grimm and a bunch of others. Had someone in my alliance with 13 of them and I thought he was the luckiest player in the game. Now I probably have a hundred od the things.

Have patience and eventually supply will far exceed demand


I understand I need more compasses… seriously…

I think, that’s the biggest problem.
What are you killing, 2*, 3* titans? You won’t get good loot from those.
Try to find an active alliance, best killing 9* or if they are to big for you and you don’t have fun at least 5*+

There you will get your mats much faster even if you’re always last on the Titan.

And also you need mats for 4* or 5* heroes. Have you already leveled some good 3* teams? If not you can look here for some inspiration about the best 3* heroes

Or if you don’t have any of those, you can also post your 3* rooster and get some information who is useful and who not so.

Found your rooster, seems you already have a lot of 3* ready and also some 4/5*.
Then I would only recommend killing bigger titans, fastest way for more mats. (and of course do all the rest, filling chests, doing events and tournaments…)
Good luck with your further improvement :+1:


Sadly every 3* ascension mat is valuable and hard to get early-game.

There are a few options you have.

  1. Don’t miss on any Rare quest. They drop all of the 3* mats (rotating), including a Compass.

  2. Try to get to top 5% in any tournament. I’d suggest focusing on the 3* tournaments in the beginning. This gives you a certain 3* mat. Unfortunately it’s random, and it even can be one of the farmable 3* materials (Tall Boots, Scabbard, Battle Manual or Chainmail Shirt). Also recently Aethers have been added to the reward of tournaments and thus those are currently way more competitive. Still, try.

  3. Fill and vent all of your regular chests ASAP - raid chest, monster chest, titan chest. If you have troubles filling your raid chest fast, I suggest dropping your cups to Bronze. Chests have a very small chance to drop a 3* ascension mat, but the more important part is, the quicker you vent chests, the better chance to get an Elemental chest with two guaranteed 3* mats. Again, those are random.

  4. Start completing at least Rare challenge events - those give 3* mats upon completion. Sometimes that mat is a compass.

  5. try to hit 10% on a Mythic titan. I know it is a long shot for someone who probably has predominantly 3* heroes and probably a limited supply of valuable battle items like Tornadoes so forget I even suggested that. But top 10% of a Mythic titan, much like an Elemental chest, gives two 3* mats. And you can get double top 10% - on single hit and on best total damage, and get a total of four 3* mats.

  6. Do not miss on a single Mystic vision. I know they are harder to watch nowadays with the interval reduced to 4 hours but still.

  7. There is a 500-gem offer at the last Saturday of each month containing either gloves or a compass + another 3* mat (rotating) + a 3* trainer hero. When in dire need, I have bought one of these to ascend my first ever 4* hero, so it may be your salvation as well.

  8. Soon you will find yourself hard pressed for any 3* mat, so I suggest trying to get all of the certain ones wherever possible - like the running Seasonal Event which has two Orbs of Magic.

  9. This is sadly one of the best, but impossible options. If there is a powerful alliance that kills titans in the range of 12-14* and they let you in for the time being just to loot the scraps of such a titan (rank D for just hitting it) then you will have 3* mats aplenty. Sadly such alliances will never accept you since you are too weak to their liking (despite the fact that usually they can kill titans and wage wars with only 28-29 ppl but anyway)


Sadly this will not help you. Titans in the range of 4-10* don’t give any 3* mat in the vast majority of cases. You may kill for example 5-7* for several months like I did with my gf and still get only two 3* mats for the whole period. Which is laughable.


Still better than 2*.
And although I can’t really say anything about 5-7* I know that you get more than enough from 9* titans. After half a year in a half dead, super small alliance killing 2-3* were I got absolutely nothing, I changed into my recent ally were we killed 9* at that time and even without doing great I got more mats than heroes I could lvl at that time.
Of course, the bigger the better, but 9* is a good start. We are now killing 11* and I get at average probably 1 mats per day, or maybe 5 per week.

Doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t do all the other ways you mentioned. Those are all great sources of 3* mats.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. It has given more clarity on things. I have some good 4/5* teams but as is happening since I left an alliance, I can’t ascend anymore of my heroes. I am very reluctant to join one. I am fighting 1/2 titans. I myself am level and my friend is level 20. I’ll think about all the replies I have gotten.

What is your reason to leave a larger alliance?

Much of this game as you’re seeing is interconnected and the game assumes people will be in full 30 person alliances and if you’re not then you’ll start to run into problems like you’re seeing.

There are all sorts of alliances and you and your friend should be able to find one that avoids the reasons you left your previous one.

I run a teaching alliance where we have very strong and new players together, nobody has to do war if they don’t want to and we just ask people make hits on the titan even if they aren’t strong yet.

I hope you can find a place that will not be stressful for you but still give you all the benefits of the game.

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The toxic enviornment. The pressure to preform. The Line groups and the contstans messages that have nothing to do with the game. I really has no interest in someone’s life drama to be honest.

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Some alliances are quite serious and demanding. Many others are more laid-back and relaxed. Mine is but it’s full. You need to search for one that suits what you want. Unfortunately it’s usually the serious ones that are actively recruiting.

Good luck.


That is intriguing as my only Titan unfarambles have come from a Titan escape and one B grade and one C grade performance.

SG are just plain manipulative scumbags. I’m only still here to get under their skin and reveal their total hypocrisy.

Funnily enough, my spreadsheets (regarding 3 accounts, main c2p, alts vc2p/f2p, all belonging to the same alliance), tell me that i have gotten more 4* mats when getting B grades on 9-11* titans than A+ and A. We even discussed it in the chat and other people confirmed it.

Not a conspiracy theory guy in general, but i tend to trust statistics, especially ones i keep myself.

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I would submit your data set is too small

We’re veering a bit off topic, but to address the issue of the OP, the biggest nonfarmable mat chance increases are at titan loot tiers 9 and 14. At loot tiers 9-13 there are 3 ascension items and loot tiers 14 and up give 4 ascension items. Chances of 3* and 4* ascension items improve slightly with higher loot tiers

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We’ve all been there (and still am). I’ve got 4 x 5* heros and only enough Rings for one of them. Annoyingly every time i get on of them up to the final ascension i pull a better 5*. I now have 3 levelled to 3.70 and am about to start the 4th. Hopefully finally levelling him up to Max. Then im going to be waiting waiting and waiting for rings.

In absolut numbers or percentage?
I don’t know how good you normally place but there is only one guy A+ and a lot of guys B so it’s just natural that in an alliance most players score B far more often.
So it’s totally normal that you get more mats in B when you finish 100 times in B and 10 times in A+.
But it would be interesting if you get at average more mats from B than on average from A+.



Nevertheless, it’s something and better than a confirmation bias.

Been there done that. But to be precise I also was in an alliance that was filled with fine people and we killed 10-11*. I quit that alliance only because I saw that 10-11* also don’t drop the 3* mats I required. For that purpose I devised a no-alliance plan which in the longer run turned way more profitable mat-wise, although unfortunately I got more 4* mats than 3* ones (4* mats are useless to me ATM and probably for a very long time will be).

I find it interesting, that the experience for players can be so different.
For me titans are the main source of ascension mats, and others don’t see mats for weeks from them. The distribution of loot is just extremely uneven.


I believe I wrote this in other topics but here is some info about that in particular:

I used to run solo (well, more likely duo, my GF was in) alliance with multiple (18) alt accounts whose sole purpose was for titan hits.

For the time I had it running (3 months) it got from 2* to 7* titan kills.

For all that time I saw plenty of 3* mats. I also saw several 4* mats. Unfortunately, as you may imagine, the vast majority of those mats went to alt accounts who even didn’t need them most of the time.

Main accounts (mine and my gf’s) always got A+ and A ranks respectively since we could carefully modulate the amount of damage each alt account inflicts on the titan. But also we almost never got anything good. Neiter of us got any 4* mat (not that we needed it, just for clarification) and we got each 2-4 3* unfarmable ascension mats for that whole period (we also got tons of farmables).

Afterwards we stayed for a couple of weeks in an alliance that killed 10*. We didn’t stay for the 11* sadly, mostly we killed 9* and 10* with them. For that whole time, I got a single ETT and a single sturdy shield. She got nothing. We also had alts help with these titans…and alts got much more than the two of us.

So no. Sadly, for me, from what I experienced, big titans are a big scam and a big waste on resources (especially minor and regular mana potions). Scratch that.

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@ferg +1

RNG will RNG.

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