Can't access sIII hard mode anymore

Can’t access sIII hard mode anymore. And the last provinces I completed (2-3 and 2-5 from sIII) gave me 0 emblems, altought It say it was completed . Lost 20 energies for nothing.

You have to complete a specific level on normal mode before it unlocks in hard mode, and you have to complete all previous levels in hard mode to unlock the next one.

If you’re trying to play a hard level that you should have already unlocked, and you can’t, take screenshots showing where you have completed that level on normal and the previous levels on hard, and send it with a support ticket. A shot of the province screen showing the number of coins you’ve earned should do. It should show 3 on the province you want to play, and 8 on the previous levels

I have completed all the stages on easy. There are no stages left on easy. I know that.

You have to go through them in order on hard. That’s a difference from Atlantis. You can’t do stage 5 until you complete stage 4

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