Can't Access Game Chat Rooms

In the general chat room of the game, up at the upper right corner there is a " gear." when you tap on the gear it takes you to a room where you can choose different languages and different types of chat rooms. When I tap on any of the different chat room choices, I can’t access any of them with exception to the general one. I wanted to utilize the recruitment room but it did not appear. So I tapped on the other choices and none of them appeared either. ???

Let’s troubleshoot this.

  1. can you post a screenshot of what you saw?

  2. what level are you in the game? Have you ever seen the gear work correctly before?

  3. Have you tried turning off your device for 30 seconds, turning back on and retrying? Sometimes it helps. :slight_smile:

…or just change first from Alliance to global chat.
It does not work when you have still active alliance chat. It’s the button two left of the gear. This brings you to the global chat and then the gear should work.

Thanks for the info!

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