Cannot Update

I have sent email to This link:


does not work. I cannot access Support through the game because it will not let me in until I update … which I cannot using Google Play (I have an Android phone). My Account number is #XXX.

Try using this link…

Thanks, DM. The advice they list hasn’t worked yet, but I do verify that this page opens and looks up-to-date.

No probs i thought you couldn’t update?

You prob get a generic reposnse at first from a bot, when a sgg staff has read and reply to you it will have a name of them … It can take bit of time too so have to be a bit patient . Good luck.

Is this a joke?

From the same email, scrolling down:

So … exactly what account details are missing? The ones that SG obviously has because they’re IN THE REPLY?

Mod edit sharing pics of support information is against fourm rules .

Lippy: Not sure how else to prove I included the account information they said was missing.

As i said before thats a bot replying to you… You will have to wait abit for a real person to contact you…


Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with the request through these channels due to missing your game account details.

If this is a bot, it is poorly written. My request was not missing game account details, so this message should not have been phrased to say it was. I do appreciate your replies, you do yeoman’s work on behalf of a company you don’t work for, but their Support should not be as dependent on the Kindness of Strangers as it appears.

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I had this message repeatedly too late last year, it sent me absolutely bananas. Ultimately untagged Petri sorted the whole mess out. I wouldn’t recommend messaging untagged Petri at all, ever.

One of my friend cannot log in game this morning, it requested to Update, but cannot find update version on App Store - Malaysia region. Any one help?