Cannot update Android

Playstore shows update installed, but it is 1.12.7.


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There is not yet an update in store matey

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Hello, I also can not get into the game only if I uninstalled Google Play games, do not know if it is a mistake or what will happen?

You do not need to uninstall the game to upload the latest version.

If you’re having trouble with your game, see here. Please read ALL before taking any action:

If your issue is different, you can contact Game Support here:

este es mi problema alguien me puede ayudar?

Same for me, game boots me out to Playstore, playstore update NOT available …catch 22…revolving door of pita… meanwhile what hell is goin on in the game. Come on. Basic stuff keeps getting stuffed up.

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@Petri @Sara @mhalttu same here.

The game app forces an update from google play, but google play version not updated with 1.13 yet.

Endless loop … can’t play.

Are you playing the game with two devices? If you updated your game in the other device, it’s not possible to connect to the game on your other device if it’s running the old version. As we are still in process of rolling out the update, it might not be available yet in the store on your other device. Please try again a bit later! :slight_smile:

Hi no. On one device.

I cant play at all cause the game wants an update and the update isnt available.

Thanks Petri will try again later … but cant hit the Titan etc …

Thank you for the report, and apologies for the problem. We’ll investigate the issue to make sure it cannot happen again. In the mean time, we’ve just released 1.13 fully on Android. Please check if you can find the update. If not, it should be there within the next 24 hours according to Google -although hopefully much sooner than that.


its same issue here and all my friends who lives in Europe, no update and it keep asking to update.

I got it in the last hour or so works fine

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i got ingame mail just now and still no update on google store… should i come from sweden to finland to update mine :smiley:

Sorted … updated! Thanks guys

mine works fine too with the exception that i cannot find this so-called avatar shop it mentions in release notes

When you tap your avatar, the shop is the tabs. And there is nothing in the store now anyway.

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