Cannot update Alliance Description Bug

Hi All

I cannot seem to change the description of my Alliance, my Co-Leader can. I was able to but after trying to add colour to it, it then gives me the error: The name you have chosen is inappropriate, please try again.

But I never edited the name, just the description. Even if I try to delete the text for the description and save it gives me this error. None of the Co-Leaders in the alliance have this problem.

Is this a known bug ? I’m running the latest version of the game.

Alliance Name: Wolverines///

Did you try to promote a coleader as leader and let him try again?
And after that he promotes you back that you are leader again.

Its like just restarting a computer… in many cases it works after that and nobody knows why.

And screenshots would help :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten the alliance name is inappropriate message before and we ended up having to tweak the name a little bit in order to get full access to changing alliance description and feature message back

It’s seems to be fixed now, although I logged out and back which didn’t work initially. I logged out for about 2 hours, tested it again now and it seems all good.

Thanks for the inputs guys I was about to try all the suggestions provided but luckily it seems to have worked now.

Thanks and regards

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