Cannot type Costumed Dawa's title in chat / Vulgar special skill?

Dawa costume’s title is Shaguadian Guardian, but if you type the term Shaguadian in the chat, it will show as *******. I think this might be a bug.

Also, I think the special skill’s name of Dawa costume is a bit too vulgar. “Pounding Attack”? :thinking: Was the special skill’s name of Phinneas changed because it was vulgar too? “Thrust of a gentleman”.


I have a strange feeling the word “Shag” is a blocked word in the game chat. I’m guessing the in game chat had a lot of people asking other’s if they want to “shag” which is a euphemism for having ■■■.


Poor Dawa. She has a title that will never be mentioned. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Nobody asked me if I want to shag in the game chat… :weary: :pleading_face: :fearful: :cry: :sob:


Or laid :rofl:
Yeah think @Chadmo said it best,
i always thought shag was more of a slang for uk folk guess its gone globally now :roll_eyes:

Also i do recall in a mod chat (ages ago) that in puzzle combat they did make the chat more bit more pg14 … Zero idea if they kept it, as first few days was like a free for all of swear words sure it probably calmed down after a period of time … Guess they never brought it over to E&P also no idea if they kept it in puzzle combat


You can blame Austin Powers for making it global. LOL!

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Another austin powers thang @littleKAF :joy:
Its spreading across the forum …Iv never seen them

… there is a member @FatBastard that i said was maybe a wrong user name … Kaffy did say its austin powers …
Petri had a staff meeting and said they can keep the name :joy::rofl:

Well we going way off topic guess dawa does that …


Pretty soon people will make reference to Fook Yu and Fook Mi. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Yes, that’s Austin powers too @Dudeious.Maximus.


Oh my. I just looked up who the actresses are who played them. These two have become names.

Don’t give them ideas :joy:

Reminds me of Pokémon when one of the Pokémon couldn’t be traded globally because it has the word ‘f a g’ in it’s name.

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Censorship can be weird sometimes. In Polish chat word “Kraina”, what means “land”, was banned for some reason. It was especially annoying during Alice event (Kraina Czarów), every person who wanted to ask something was censored.


poor Dawa, she lost her mojo…

… ok it’s arguable that she ever had any mojo…


And here is another Austin Powers reference. I considered given you an emoji for this but I don’t think @Dudeious.Maximus wants me to encourage this behavior. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


oh, this one was more subtle than the rest @Dudeious.Maximus :stuck_out_tongue:

but your praise is very much appreciated @littleKAF :wink: thank you!

of course, I don’t want to appear to “swing” my opinion, so I will say emojis are also always appreciated :wink:

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