Cannot sign in

Will not allow me to sign in was told to delete game and reinstall now I am back to zero as in brand spanking new player when I have been playing this game for well over a year is anyone else having this issue? And of course it does this in the middle of War!

@Kerridoc and @zephyr1 anothernone to merg :grin:

@MrsBCW This is a different issue than other ones I’ve seen, I think.

@DeviousRebel I think this Support article might help:

And that is why you are a Moderator and I am not :grin:

Thank you for responding quickky :blush:

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I’ve already done that

Did you do the part in the “I still cannot access my account” section?

I still cannot access my account!

If you are unable to access your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect your new account to Facebook (the same Facebook profile as the lost account)

  2. Submit a new support request by using this form: Support request form: Account Issue

  3. Please add the following details to the request:

  • The Account Identifier of the account that replaced the original account (the one currently on your device). For more information, please read this help article: How can I find my account identifier (AccountID)?
  • Platform of your device ( Android or iOS ). If you need to transfer progress from Android to iOS or vice versa, please choose Both
  • Exact player name of the account you’d like to recover (Case Sensitive)
  • Player experience level of the account
  • The name of the Alliance you belong to, as well as your rank there
  • Receipt from Google Play or iTunes of an in-app purchase made on your lost account (for more information, please read this help article: Where do I find my purchase history/receipts?)

Please note that we don’t have access to any personal information, including e-mail addresses. Game accounts are identified by their unique account identifiers (starting with #).

Due to the high volume of lost account requests, we ask all players to kindly follow these steps and provide all requested details to speed up the process. Any support requests with missing details will be automatically closed.

Yes. Before I posted in here. I was hoping that somebody else had had this issue before or was having it now on can give me some updates or what else to do

Unfortunately the Forum is all fellow players (myself included), and the SGG Staff don’t provide any support for account issues on the Forum — so you won’t get any “official” updates here most likely.

That said, someone else may have personal experience with it, so it doesn’t hurt that you posted it — hopefully someone else who had and resolved the same issue might see it and respond.

You might also be able to find similar threads searching around — one of them might have other info in it, although usually the Support articles are kinda it for issues like this, unfortunately. :confused:

Yes that’s what I’m hoping for is that maybe on the off-chance somebody else has previously had this issue I’m just crossing my fingers because I really don’t want to start over from level 1.

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I think they should be able to recover your account, I just don’t know how quickly it’ll be.

Obviously it totally sucks in the meantime either way…

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