Cannot revenge after updating app


Hi! First time poster here, but I have been playing for about half a year now.

Something is bothering me. It has happened to me today, and it happened before when there was an update of the game. I updated the app a few hours ago, and now I cannot take revenge in raids. When I open my watch tower and tap on an opponent to revenge, I get the pop up as if they were online and the suggestion to re-roll.

However, that is the case with literally any opponent I try (about a dozen right now). Also I cannot see their stats, so I’m assuming that it has something to do with me using the latest version and all of my ‘revenge candidates’ not having updated yet.

Can someone confirm this? Have others experienced this as well? Is this by design? I desperately want to fill my heroes chest by taking revenge on all that have attacked me, but that is now impossible. …Until the rest of the world has updated their apps as well, I guess.

Raid trophies

Best solution would be to go for regular raids and wait for revenges


This happens every patch. After a couple of days, there’s a forced update, so to continue to play you have to patch.


Penari, is the issue that OP has updated, and those he wishes to take revenge on have not? That’s why there’s no one to Revenge/Raid?


@Rook It happens in both directions, both those that update early or automatically, or those that haven’t yet, and may be waiting till they’re on wifi before they do so. There’s also quite often a delay, due to apple approvals, in the iOS and Android releases at times, most often a day or two, sometimes a week.


As @Penari noted, this is a known issue relating to the update rollout. You can read more about this here:


Petri, thank you for your reply. It’s all clear to me now.