Cannot make purchases due to being disabled in the geographic area

Title ← was wondering how this happened (iOS). Is there a fix?

Where are you from ?

We are players here. Doubt we can help you out much.

Have you sent in a tix to enquire with Zynga/SGG?

I am in Europe(germany) I have send Zynga a ticket, I was wondering if there is a known issue.

Not that I know of. It could be an Apple server issue.

I would also try contacting Apple support. Odds are it is most likely their issue. Can’t see SGG/Zynga knowingly reducing income potential :rofl:


Try making the purchase while on mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. I just spent three weeks in a few countries in Europe and Apple wouldn’t let me add a balance from my credit card to the account even thought the card has been on my Apple account for a long time. Once I switched from Wifi to mobile data, I was able to do it.

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