Cannot log in the game after version 48.1

my alliance mate can’t log in the game after version 48.1 at the moment.

his a/c no: to be provide via private message

enp player name: Nic 6222

he has tried all methods as known, including off other apps, restart, reinstall, change network but still failed.
hope SG can solve his issue asap.

thank you

btw, i heard some players around facing lag issue and difficult to log in, my mates is unable to log in.

more issue at post #4

Mod edit showing #123abc number

Hopefully this can get resolved quickly for your alliance mate, however sharing account numbers can compromise their account.
Could a mod remove this info please and thank you :nerd_face:
@littleKAF or @Dudeious.Maximus


Thanks reminder, Alexis. :sparkling_heart:

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another alliance mate :star:SEKINCHAN​ :star: cannot login as well at the moment.

alliance mate WKL task window is empty.

Are you all from PRC? Playing via EP app or via TenCent “overseas” app portal ?

I ask because that TenCent “overseas app” portal is now restricted only to apps licensed to operate in PRC. Update released 31/5/22. So With effect from 1/6/2022.

As far as I know, EP is licensed to operate in PRC. Hopefully they still are.

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This form can be filled to contact support if you can not access the game:


nope, we are from Malaysia alliance & all of the member are local.

the mates who had met the issue are in the same area. others are ok.

theie situation are better at the last evening.

tq. BZ. :sparkling_heart:

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tqvm PlayFofFun, happy gaming!. :sparkling_heart:

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I had the same problem from yesterday morning until after AR ended. Couldn’t log in, and when logged in would time out from doing things like viewing the Tournament Leaderboard. Seems like it’s an issue related to the server handling connections from M’sian players.

Fortunately, I didn’t wait until the last minute before I made my Soul Exchange, or I would have been seriously po’ed

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lucky you!
my mates situation are better after the starting of the alliance wars. but 1 of them network are not stable.
he claims others games are ok.

Good to know that it’s almost back to normal for your side.

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You are in Malaysia ?! :thinking:

Glad that you made it to SE.

This one you oso want proof ah? :stuck_out_tongue:

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: no need no need

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