Cannot log in the game (15 Oct)


Today i have an issue… Cannot enter in the game… Told me to update the version but when i enter în the store i dont find update, only open the game or unistall the game.

I followed all the steps, is not the first time i update the New version but this time dont work…

Please help me to solve this issue.

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I have the same issue when I try to log into the game using android emulator (2 out of 3 emulators I have installed on my PC have that problem). On my phone I have updated the game yesterday, and it works fine.

I suppose your progress is saved by GP anyway. So, just uninstall the game. Re-installing the game is actually updating it. And in our language, for a better understanding: din moment ce vezi ca sunt probleme si nu mai poti intra in joc, dezinstaleaza-l, atat de simplu. Banuiesc ca ai Google Play si progresul salvat. Dupa ce reinstalezi jocul, o sa iti apara mesajul GP si faci login in contul tau, iar jocul e deja updatat.

I reinstall the game many times… I log into saved account… And after this keeps throw me from the game saying that to update the game… Also from time to time enter in the game but no progress… Take from the beginning… Steps to learn the game… After this trying to log same issue… Update the game with new version from store… Unbelievable…

I have the same issue. After a diff update, my tablet wont log in any other wifi but my home. Might be a sign that its time to call it quits.

commenting here since im not able to log in as well.

You realize of course that we are already committed to war but cannot get into our accounts. I too am now stuck in the endless update loop. Tells me I have to update, sends me to Google Play Store which only allows me to uninstall or open. No update. Android S9+

same problem. endless loop. it’s really frustrating…

Seems like this is a different issue then (I removed my solution). Could you try refreshing your Google Play store page?


I have the same problem as voiced in this topic, not resetting the settings, not reinstalling the account does not help anything. It’s just that the Android app store doesn’t show the latest update. Although he writes that it is available. I hope will solve this problem

I worked over an hour with support from Google Play Store. We deleted my account from my phone, uninstalled all of the play store app updates, you name it. Same problem.

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