Cannot log in - requesting update

Ok so I just tried the following and it worked!
Android (not iOS)

Deleted the app
Cleared data on Google Play and Play Games
Restarted phone
Opened Play store
Opened Play games
Installed game and opened.

Is anyone still having problems with this? If yes, please post below and indicate whether you are Android or iOS.

As for those trying to contact support to leave a ticket…if you are locked out of your game, you can use this link:

This link is only for those who cannot submit a ticket from in-game.


Im so frustrated right now !!!
Said there’s a update
I all ready had v33.0.0 so
Now it keep saying theres a update
I tried delet it install it again same thing theres a updated !!!
Tried different sites to dowload same thing
Different versions same thing
What now !!!

Thanks Rook. I filled a ticket… let’s see now.

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Now it’s ok. I did not do anything :sweat_smile:

I can’t log too. The game is stucked at loading screen since today. I have Android OS.

can’t log in after updating v 33.0.0 build 1379
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Yesterday the game did work for a minute, all my content was deleted, and now against it stucks at the loading screen, the black one.

plz response there is a war running and the problem still exists

I’m afraid they won’t do anything before monday.

Anything new? The staff told me to reinstall the game, but I have told them I have done it already 10 times about, both the game and the google play. Still nothing is working.

If you are playing the same game account across platforms or on different devices, it will not be possible to access the game on your other device if you haven’t updated the game to the newest version.

Please note, the update might not be available for all players on all platforms instantly as it is being rolled out around the globe.

You can see the current status of each update rollout under our News & Announcement category and on our support portal (Options > Support > Announcements).

We have now rolled out the update for all players, so this issue should be resolved.


It’s all updated and my game gets stuck on this screen. I did try to reinstall it plenty times.

Also, my game was already updated when this issue happened. I did try to use another email and make another installation on google play but still the game won’t load and pass the black loading screen.

It’s not working. Nothing has been lost.

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