Cannot load game after v29 update

After several frustrating emails in which I had to repeat myself, there is apparently no resolution for my issue. This means I will have to leave the game.

Here is the recap:

  1. I played a few minutes and saw the update message.
  2. I updated the game.
  3. Ever since then I get a connection error message.
  4. I restarted the phone.
  5. I switched between wifi networks and phone data.
  6. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game.
  7. I posted a message here.
  8. I submitted a help ticket.
  9. I got an email telling me how to update the game.
  10. I replied and explained my issue.
  11. I got a message asking for player information.
  12. I replied with requested information.
  13. I got a message explaining how to get access to my google play account.
  14. I replied and explained-again- my issue and sent a screen shot.
  15. I got a message asking me to uninstall and reinstall the game.
  16. I struggled to be nice as I explained, again, that I had done that. And explained, again, my issue.
  17. I got a message that I seem to be having connection issues and I should check the router etc. Further, they explained internet is required for the game to work.
  18. I face palmed. I explained AGAIN that I had done that. That no other app I use that requires internet has an issue (example: I am using my phone for this). That this game did not have issues UNTIL I UPDATED IT TO V29.

Basically, I can infer several things from this series of messages:

  1. They don’t read the whole message.
  2. They have no clue what is wrong.
  3. They think I am stupid.
  4. I am done.

Ever thought that you talked to a bot? (@discobot ) Stay tuned and I guess a real human will read it finally…

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I did not think of that. It was a long series of emails…

I guess we will see!

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