Cannot increase Skill when waiting on Ascension Items


As a start… I am aware of a previous post (solved) that discussed not being able to continue to level to increase skill when hero is maxed. This is not the same issue, but is similar.

The issue is for the higher star heroes (4* or 5*) that need the madly rare ascension items. This means a hero will get stuck on a given Tier (typically on Tier 3 for 4*) potentially for weeks while you try find the item(s) you need to ascend. In this time, once you’ve reached the max level for that Tier, the level up button becomes disabled again.

Once again, this means you are now stuck/prevented from at least trying to get the special skill improved while you are patiently waiting for those needed ascension items. This compounds the frustration.

I am not asking for any freebies in items here. I’m asking that the ‘level up’ button not be disabled when a hero is stuck on max for the current tier. This allows you to continue to consume hero fodder to try level up that special skill, while obviously not gaining any more in level.

Would appreciate DEVs to take a look and respond.

(P.S… please don’t respond with 'I don’t suffer this because I had the good sense to train with coloured heroes and maxed my specials before this. Fact is it’s random, and entirely possible that you are unlucky enough that you hit the limit in level while still not having maxed special skill. My wife is in that position, and I have the prospect of being in that position on 2 of my heroes. I’ve trained (and maxed) quite a few others, so know what I’m doing. It can, and does happen).

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Amen! This has come up before. This would be a much appreciated change


The special skill improves every time, when you ascend. Usually the 4 or 5 Star heros automatically have a special skill level 4, when they are at Tier 4. And if you use the same color and here and there a 2* to feet your heros, you should be at max level with your special skill. You only need to make 4 level by yourself…

Only saw that problem with my 3 Star Heros.


It happens. My.marjana was 6/8 special waiting until.i had enough ascension items. Wpuld have like to increase it while waiting. It benefits sg in that we’re spending resources


Yep, it does happen. Special skills you get from ascensions for 4* is 3 out of 8 by the time you get stuck on Tier 3. This leaves 5 that you need to make from levelling.

My wife was for the most part training with colour-specific, and still didn’t get there because the roll of the dice ran against her.
I decided to level quicker and produce cheap fodder and now potentially face the same problem. I only became aware of this issue late into my Tier 2. So I’ve started colour specific since then, but have 3 skill rises still to do in 1 tier of levelling - doubt if I’ll do it.

So we can have people training the ‘correct’ way of using colour specific and getting stuck… or you can have people choosing to level more cheaply and having a higher chance of getting stuck.

What, again, is the benefit of having your special skill get stuck because you need an ascension item? Is increasing frustration a stated aim of the game?

Easy thing to correct, and does not change game balance.


Sounds like you wanna correct it, by getting your ascension items.
How should this work? Raining ascension items for you and everyone else who decided to make it quick and cheap?
But not for them, who have 8/8 level in special skill?

See, now you know how it works and your next hero will have 8/8 because you know, cheap doesn’t have to be right :wink:


He is not asking for ascension items, he is asking for a chance to keep leveling even if you are stuck before ascension to level up the special, like you can do with a maxed hero, who isn’t 8/8.
I have leveled up a lot of 4s by now and all were 8/8 before final ascension, except for my Gormek, he was only 5/8. It wasn’t like I did anything different with him, I just got unlucky. I had to wait for a long time to get him ascended and would have liked to have been able to max his special earlier.
Since most 4
s are 8/8 before final ascension, I see no reason why this can’t be made an option for the unlucky ones. I have no 5*s, so not sure because they can get stuck a tier earlier, but I guess they need a lot more heroes fed to them, so probably the same?


Then I misunderstood him…sorry. “Easy way” to correct, sounded to me like Ascension stuff…


Is the stuck ascension on purpose? I’m not taking nefariousness here, but an intentional break to keep the 5* crowd from easily annihilating those below them? Gotta work for them thar specials!


I just checked in my alliance, I have a few big spenders, so they have a lot of 5*s stuck, but most specials are already 8/8. So, that is kind of my point, if most will be there when you get stuck, why not have a chance to keep leveling the special for the few unlucky ones.
To be stuck on ascension is intentional ofcourse, otherwise you could max out your heroes way too fast, but the special to be stuck also seems a side effect.


I don’t know…when I look at the power of a 5* card, I consider the special usually more than the stats.


@Konijntje has it right. For the most part, if you level your hero carefully, you max your special before you get stuck needing ascension items. So in general it shouldn’t make a difference.

But when it does happen that you get stuck on ascension item before you’ve maxed the special, it is extremely frustrating. I’m looking to be 2 (or maybe even 3 if I’m unlucky) skills short on one of my heroes - and will make it less likely that I will use him. So what’s the point in having levelled him. I need his ascension item for my main, so it will likely be months and months before I eventually ascend him… and with no way of maxing his special, unlikely I’ll then use him.

So on the whole, removing the restriction shouldn’t change game balance, but can remove a large frustration for those exceptions when it happens.


(Tongue in cheek):

I also demand a token that will level up my poor, Maxed, 3* Gunnar who is stuck on 3/8 no matter what I do! :grin:


Lol I have Hawkmoon maxed and stuck with the same problem @ 5/8. Even now It Won’t seem to increase with 50% special skill levelup chance too. So :beers: to that request for special token :grin:


LOL - I have been lucky that most of my 3* have 8/8. Bane and Hawkmoon (I see a pattern on Hawkmoon) at 7/8.

The CRAZY one is for me is Nashgar. He was at 7/8 at tier 3 level 1. So 49 levels to get that 8/8. 5 diets of 40% and a couple at 20% and drum roll please…finished at level 50 at 7/8. CRAZY!

So e at 7/8. With two active TC13’s I am just gonna wait for 4 of each of them to guarantee it. I got too many mouths to feed to try with hero’s at the moment.


I got a 4* blue card recently (Kiril) and I had been pumping him full of heroes of all colors to level him up. I was having bad luck with his special, and I don’t have enough warm capes to ascend him fully, so I have slowed down and am doing blue feeders only. Fingers crossed!


Wow, that’s quite a lot of unlucky streaks on Nashgar. I don’t have Gunnar or Nashgar yet. So will have to see how I fare when I get them. I am hoping it is a case by case basis.
So I guess everybody has a few heroes that won’t increase special skills. But Interesting how they are different cards for each though. Not sure what is not going right for some of them but looks like it can’t be that the specific hero card itself is tough to upgrade then :thinking:
Thanks for reinforcing the thought on trying with 4 of each for the stuck ones rather than wasting valuable heroes. I now have two TC13s cooking so hopefully I can recycle some of the unwanted duplicates once I stock up few in coming weeks, preferably before the Challenge event :grinning:


I wish I figured that out (the 4 of each one) - that is to say, thought of it. I fed 3 hawkmoons stupidly to a 4* red - shoudl have just waited for the 4th one and finished her special.

One other idea - if you do 2 of the same card + 8 2* same color that is 82% chance. If it’s 3 of the same card + 6 2* same color plus any other 1* card it’s 100%. Other combos exist for this that you can figure out.


Sure. That’s a good idea to mix with other same color cards and still get 100% :+1:
Assuming 100% gives guaranteed upgrade, I don’t think anything below that is worth stacking up that much like up to 82% or so, as they are all the same due to chance from what I have seen so far.
I mean even 99% could be a miss and 28% could be a hit which basically puts us at the mercy of RNG gods when not 100% and that’s not going great lol.


I have yet to have it not give me a guaranteed upgrade. There was a post in here about someone having it happen, but I don’t think anyone that responded indicated it had happened to them. It has not happened to me ever and I’ve done it 6 or so times maybe.