Cannot finish season 15-1 difficult

I finished season 15-1 difficult twice but the level stays on 3/3. 0/5. I think this is a bug? Screenshot_20190101-133307|281x500

3/3 is normal
0/5 is hard…so hit the hard button then play

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Screenshot not working !

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Hahaha. Good start of the new year. Thank you.


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Hello - while this doesn’t address the original poster’s issue, it’s similar. I finished S2 provinces 13-15 on both easy and hard modes. But my mission list registers as if I did not.

What am I missing?

Here’s what appears in my mission list:

That because isnt a mission, its just your current progress in on the map. Sort of like a “quick link to where you left off”.

Its unintuitive as hell, I know.


I thought the last three provinces had a small reward for completion and was expecting something similar this time around. But I suppose that may have just been wishful thinking! Thanks @Fledoble.

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