Cannot find my alliance in the search engine

So I left my alliance to help a friend for one war cycle. As I’m trying to return I can’t find it in the list. I know the name and it does not come up. Obviously I can find a way around it but it got me wondering… if I can’t pull it up… then does anyone else see it either? And is there a way to fix this?

What is the exact name of your alliance? The search engine certainly seems finicky with some types of names and characters.

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MayThe4sBwithU I left a few times for random trips out, but now the last two I’ve had to have other members post in recruitment channel so I could get back that way

I had no problem finding them


I can find them.


I can find it now but when I’m out of the alliance, I get nothing. It’s weird

We have a problem finding an alliance too. I want to take more people into the alliance, but there is no our alliance in the search results. The name of the alliance (UA). I am leader of the alliance. My nickname NikSalseros81. Help solve the problem. Thank you

I had a look, there are dozens of similar names, all Ukrainian, but couldn’t find (UA). Did you use Cyrillic symbols, maybe? Or { } ?

If you’re still in the Alliance, can you post a screenshot of the Alliance name l, please?

No, I still can’t find it. But strange. It might not search for parentheses ( ) maybe.

The UA part seems very common and could easily confuse recruits. You could consider changing the alliance name completely.

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Yes we had same problem so we changed aliance name to less common.

I think adding a search subject to the special characters would solve the problem, the more I think this problem is not only with us

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