Cannot enter the game. Why?

Cannot enter the game. Why?

Nu se încarcă jocul, pe acest cont. De ce?

Can you provide any kind of screenshot or context for the problem?

This is how it opens, then nothing happens

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If your phone suddenly powered off while you were in the game, it’s possible that the game won’t work anymore. I encountered the same problem when my battery died, I had the exact same problem.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and this fixed the game, fortunately the game data was safe on my Google Play Games profile.

If you didn’t log into Google Play Games, the data will probably be lost. Support can probably help you in this situation.

Hope it helps @Ellena


I have a friend that had the same problem, yesterday. The game froze at the Small Giant screen. Also a romanian. Could it be some sort of local problem? A bit strange to be a coincidence for two conationals to get the same unusual problem at the same time… hope you’ll get it fixed, there’s nothing left to do for my friend, as he reseted to factory settings and didn’t have a google play account…

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Got fixed, my game was saved on Google account, ty

Trimis de pe telefonul meu Huawei

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For the love of everything good on the planet, why would you not have game centre or google play account; don’t they even have facebook login?

He’s not that good with e-devices, but I think he might have had a facebook log-in. Don’t know if that might help in any way. Anyway, I told him he could submit a support ticket, but he said he isn’t very interested in recovering his account, was looking for an excuse for himself to quit playing, most likely.

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Has same issue today - resolved by cleared cache and data from Empires app. Note:need to both, just clearing cache did not work. (Android)

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