Cannot Connect at All This Morning 6/24/19 (ISP issue on the US East Coast)

Cannot connect to game at all so far this morning. Been trying for almost an hour. Anyone else?

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Same cannot connect either, seems to be a server issue…

No problems connecting to game since 7:30am, it’s 1:30pm here

I had a few issues trying to connect for a 30 min period 1.5-1hr ago. Got disconnected twice as I was starting tournament, and had issues trying to just get in. Luckily i didn’t lose a flag. (East coast US)

Seems to be resolved. For now… Couldn’t log in for just over an hour. East Coast, USA.

I’m having the same issue since this morning. I’ve restarted my phone and tried resetting my WiFi. I’m pretty confident it’s not my phone.

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It’s entirely possible that there’s an issue at some point on the route between you and the game server. That would be my guess, since you’re feeling confident about your equipment, and there seems to be no generalized server issue.

Link regarding issue this morning.


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