Cannot Buy yearly VIP after monthly expires

My monthly VIP just expired. I would want to buy 365 days VIP access but the game will not allow me to do so. Is this a bug or I just need to let one day pass by first? Please help. Thank you for such a great game !!


I’d like to know this too.

Try restarting the client fully, also see if you have any outstanding things (2 buildings still going, or a summons coming up as apparently you still get 2 if the timer started while the VIP was active)

There’s some little oddities after the dragon disappears which might be interfering would be my guess on it.

Well i still had a second builder active. Maybe youre right we need to wait till not active. Its too late. I am impatient and bought a monthly VIP lol. I will see to it next month. Maybe by then we dont need the second builder to finish its job if we want to switch to yearly vip. Thank you

Well if you buy a new VIP it’s just tacked on to the old one, could just try buying the yearly now?

Yeah there’s no rational reason why you would be able to get a month and not a year VIP

By capping the contract at 365 days it means their obligations on that contract only last a year, otherwise they might find themselves locked in at that rate for a decade because someone who’s a little too idealistic blew a heap of cash. Perhaps they should allow 380 days so there’s a little overlap when going from monthly to yearly, but I’m not on their development team. :grin:

I didnt try because i already bought another monthly. I will give it try next month or perhaps by then someone has already post a definite answer hehehe. Cheers

I still couldn’t buy a yearly after my monthly had expired and my buildings were competed. @Petri Any ideas?

are you saying they are going to take my dragon away?!?!?! That is evil!

I was able to renew the monthly, but not the yearly.

I have the same problem as well. It will let me buy another monthly pass but when I try to buy the yearly pass, it says “You cannot purchase more than 365 days of the VIP Pass at this time.”

I sent a ticket to Small Giant for support on this issue but am awaiting a response.


Keep me posted when they reply

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I have the same issues, I have no dragon, 2nd builder has finished building and I cannot purchase the 365 day option.

My monthly vip is about to expire and i wonder whether this issue has been solved? How or what are we supposed to do and finish in order to upgrade from monthly to yearly? Thank you

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