Cannot build more houses or iron storage


I’m about to upgrade to stronghold level five and I can’t buy houses or iron storage. I have 2 rubble spaces and only grain storage and forges are available.

Please help. Thank you.


Account: #P6067

I think my phone may have died part way through the tutorial. Maybe that messed something up. I have two iron storage, one house, one food storage and one forge. I really need houses but can’t build them and definitely don’t need a second forge yet


Can you screenshot your stronghold, and screen shot what your options are showing you on each of the different rubble spaces? that may help in clearing up the issue :smiley:


House and iron storage can be built later. Everyone builds the same building and has the same available per stronghold level


Per @Coppersky 's compendium:

At level 3 you can add: farm, mine, food storage, forge.
At level 5 you can add: house, farm, training camp, iron storage.
At level 8 you can add: forge, iron storage, farm, mine.
At level 11 you can add: farm, training camp, house, food storage.
At level 15 you can add: farm, mine, iron storage, forge.
At level 20 you can add: house, training camp, farm, food storage.


Thanks for the detailed breakout.