Cannot beat Teltoc

Not even close. Rare level. In the final stage, I lose one hero before even reaching the last round. Closest I came was killing two bosses, but I had just one near dead hero left and no more battle items (which are next to useless anyway), so obviously that last boss made quick work of me. Most other games I only kill one boss… barely.

All 3* heroes are maxed, and they’re the only 3’s I have, so it’s not like I can do any swapping. I intentionally maxed my 3’s first just for these godforsaken events. What I didn’t do, though, was have any 2* troops leveled – I fed them all to my 3*'s, not knowing that there’s a 2* max on troops. Not trying to be a whiner here, but I did everything I thought I needed to do to be able to beat just one level of the next event, and I’m still hitting a brick wall. Not even gonna try the other levels, because I don’t have a full team of either 4’s or 5’s. Very discouraging just thinking about how much more time I’d have to spend to luck into the right combination of 3* heroes to beat one of these things, and get them all leveled up sufficiently to do it.

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Maybe you don’t have the right heroes? What is your team? Do you have 3* Atlantis or event heroes?

It took me 4 challenge events before I was able to complete the rare tier. And admittedly, I had bought about $100 worth of gems from the time I started to that point, so I had a nice roster to pick from. It’s rough work. I assure you though that if you just give yourself some time to build up your roster and level your heroes, you will be able to complete these events pretty easily. I’m on my 6th one now, and I was in the top 7000 for rare without even trying. Not there anymore, currently at 9000 territory. I am just now feeling confident enough to beat the “epic” tier. I will try the legendary, but I don’t think I will make it to the end.

If you can’t beat it this time, just work hard to be able to beat the next one! I know you will be able to complete these by then!

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Oh! and I definitely suggest at least trying each of the next levels at least once. Even if you lose, you get the participation summon at the end!

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Dont know your line up
It was easy for me … belith (healer) 3 fast mana heros full level + ulmer
Good luck


You need battle items. Arrows and axes, take 5 of each, let them all off as soon as the bosses come up. Also, and this cannot be stressed enough, all 5 should be full Mana when the bosses come up.

You’ll get them.

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Are you ghosting tiles before starting the next level of the stage going in with full mana at the start of the board.

Do you have gunnar maxed out by any chance?

Taking him + a healer can help you survive far more easily than taking an extra healer or spiker.

You don’t need a full team of 4* heroes to do the epic teir as long as you have some in the most helpful colors. For a primary healer, im switching between Sabina or Rigard depending on the boss, as a buffer and secondary healer Im using Boldtusk.
I have poor luck with getting good 4* hitters so I’m having to switch in and out 3*’s like azar, tyrum and balthazar. Wilbur remains on the team at all levels to keep my 3 star heroes from dying.

For 3* events I go with 2-2-1 color stacking doubling up on the colors to take down the 1st and 2nd wave mobs. And avoid taking the reflection color. I favor fast snipers and healers. The only buffers I might include are Malia and Brienne. Malia’s no good for this event though.

So for this time around, I went with Namahage, Azar, Tyrum, Balthazaar & Brienne. In the higher levels, I swapped Hawkmoon in for Azar. Not all of my 3*s have their SS maxed. It’s on the todo list but I’ve got other heroes in line for feeders first.

The only other thing to do is charge up all SS and make a diamond before going into the boss level. Pack arrows, axes and mana pots as needed. Start the boss level by blasting all SS and as many battle items as you feel you need to win. Then pop the diamond and mop up. Or you could pop the diamond and then use battle items the next turn.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried to do epic now I only do legendary

If you dont have a surplus of orbs and compasses then I think epic is worth completing

Thanks for all the replies – great suggestions. As was brought up a few times, yes, I ghost before the final boss round to have everybody mana’d up, and save as many battle items as possible (a few particularly brutal games I had to use up potions just to stay alive). I’ve got Belith, Valen, Gan Ju, Oberon and Nashgar right now – they’re the only 3’s I have leveled, and they’re all maxed. I see I need a better assortment of 3’s to pick from.

I also need to spend some serious time acquiring and leveling 2* troops – right now I have completely unleveled 1’s and a 2* that I’m sure aren’t helping the cause. I didn’t know I’d need them, so I fed them all to 3* troops as I got them. Big mistake.

I’ve got a little more work to do.

try to reset the position of the hero because the hero position also influences the tiles that comes out and can produce combos :wink::wink:

this often happens to our newbie members hahahaha …:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Bring olaf and leave ganju in the bench.
Bring medium and small mana, axe and arrows.
Focus on killing guardian kong first.

No easy task for sure.
You have not dispellers and only AoE hitters.

I have 20 orbs and 34 compasses

In principle, there is no need to max 2* troops (same goes with 3* troops; it’s a waste of troops and food, as you should focus on leveling your 4* troops when/once you get them). Just keep one 2* and 3* troop of each kind for each color, and it should be enough.

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If you ever have trouble with events, one of the first adjustments to try is get more healers/damage mitigation. Belith +hawkmoon + Gunnar/Kailani (or even just 2heakers or healer+Gunnar) is a pretty cheesy but also very safe setup for rare events … but that’s not helpful for you now.

Since you had trouble living, I’d would use a third slot for pots. Minor mana, minor heal, 2nd mana/heal, axe.

Tactics, target order and tile matching strategies also play a big role. If this is your first event (is it?), then these are likely areas you just need more experience in. If you can share details from your fight (order of bosses you targeted, sequence of when your heroes fell and just any details) maybe people can share more specific advice.

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