Cancelling production resources redund


Cancelling production in a TC when food is full results with loss of food invested into production which is fine but recruits are also lost despite ample house space. I belive this should be considered a bug.


This is not a bug, you need space in BOTH food storage and recruits to cancel a training.


This makes no sense whatsoever. Whats the rationale behind this.


No idea what the rationale is, but there is a warning message that shows up before you go ahead and cancel those trainings.


Just a bit of feedback… You could structure this differently as an idea request rather than a bug issue. Currently, this is quite negative, but if you put in a request to treat iron, food, and recruits as different entities when cancelling production in a TC, you might get a better response. Negativity often draws negative responses. I, for one, would vote for your idea because I always have endless amounts of food and iron and there are no ways to throw away these resources if you don’t have troops to train or materials to craft. Recruits are really what I need keep in “storage”(TC production). I’m sure others would feel the same way :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback. I don’t think i am overtly negative. From logic point of view lost food & materials is expected but loss of recruit is not. Even the game itself differentiates between materials & resources while only resources are allegedly to be lost.