Canceling Training / Crafting refund partial resources

I just saw this in the FAQ:

“Hi, thanks for the feedback, we haven’t changed anything here - and it is working as intended. If the game cannot return all the resources (it seems your food max is almost full), no resources will be returned.”

My Feature Request is to fix this. I have seen players report this in the Bugs & Issues. The game is already able to fill partial amounts of food/iron/recruits up to the max from other sources and rewards. This should be able to be accomplished in the same way.

I’ve never had it adversely affect me much, but this screams lazy and/or bad code design to me so I must fight the fail! :rage:

App Dev Sr, 20 years

Not in software anyway anyhow anytime, but I don’t think code has anything to do with the message player received.

If player is using a tc20 to store food/recruits and a 5* pops out of a training session, the player may try to move the stored resources out of tc20 so it can be used ss a lower tc. The tc started a new training session when the 5* dropped, and the resources needed for that new session are lost to the player if the player wants to stop that new training session.

This is known and has had frequent threads.

It is the same mechanic for building, farming, mining

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