Canceling Construction


Consider offering the ability to cancel a construction job. This allows people to stop construction and change their plans. Of course the money or resources are forfeited, but that is the cost of business.


Out of curiosity is there an example you’re thinking of?

For me the only scarce resource is time, so once started I’d never cancel personally… loss of food or iron from being capped is such a common event later that it’s not worth worrying about in game and I’m struggling to find a use case.


Here’s an example that could be relevant to me:

My next stronghold upgrade (level 15) will take 3 days and 4 hours. If a rare quest comes along that requires me to upgrade say a craft to get some items to help me, that rare quest will be long gone by the time my stronghold is finished and I will miss out on the 4* item at the end that I (and so many of us) need.

My team is strong enough that I can clear the 5th level in these rare quests but I use all my items, including revive scrolls, and even then I have had to pay 75 gems in one instance.

So for me, like you, who is constantly maxing meat and iron, to be able to cancel this for a shot to get that 4* item, I’d do it all day, every day if the scenario mentioned above happens.

Now - I try and head this off by upgrading what I think I need before investing the 3+ days, but still, there are scenarios that would make this a useful feature.