Cancel this war! It's not fair

The program out my dressed up Lianna, but i wanted to put my original Lianna. It’s a serious problem that the game is changing it in my war defense team joust because i changing her in the hero roster, so i can ascend her.


Ouch! That sucks. I don’t think it’s a bug, but it’s a serious oversight that I don’t think anyone has considered yet (or at least, if they have, I’ve missed it).

@Guvnor you might want to make a note of this in the FAQ. It looks like if a costume-capable hero is in your defense team, whichever mode the hero is in on your roster when a raid tournament or alliance war goes live is the one that’s on the defense team. It doesn’t matter what mode the hero was in when you setup your defense team.

I assume the same is true for your normal defense team - whichever mode you leave the hero in on your roster is reflected in your raid defense. I guess the workaround is to always revert your hero to your preferred mode. (I guess this also means you can’t have a hero in one mode for a raid tournament and a different mode for your mid-week war defense.

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Keep cool.

Next year there will be an adult patch, where a hero will be able to wear nothing at all for 40% def down. :wink:


Yea, you should be able to change your hero’s costume independently and not have it affect the raid tourney/war defense setup.

Definitely need a design change on setting costumes on heroes.


There’s actually a UI change in the works already to make it easier to avoid this situation.

And they sent an in-game announcement pointing people to a reminder about this:

They also posted that announcement on the Forum too:


Yeah. It changes in the def teams every time when i switch to the new mode in the hero rooster. I wish to take the new version to the war, but joust when she will be fully ascended. The original version is maxed out. The new will be at t3 soon. The previous war was not a problem, i wathced it, but now i have focused on the Atlantis.

But it might be 40% attack down for the enemy, because they concentrating at the naked hero, and not watching the war. XD

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C… up, def down? :innocent: :rofl:

I remember that now. I didn’t realize the ramifications then since I wasn’t in a position for my costumes to affect any of my defense teams. I also didn’t think of it as changing into / equipping a costume if I was just switching to it to level it up. But I guess that’s the way it is.

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Hey, this is in the FAQ.

It’s under the “my hero is locked” section.

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