Cancel Button for Training Camp Collecting

Often people accidentally collect training camps heroes they have been stockpiling, a simple red x in the corner to exit this after you see the first hero and realize what you’ve done would be appreciated by many.

I think it would be simpler to collect them only if we entered the training center, similar to the watchtower.


Sure that is a failsafe, but it is extra work I doubt most people would appreciate. Having to do that every time would be annoying, given most of the time you’re just collecting one or a few 1-2*.


When I click on a training camp it gives me options?
I press train and add more to it with out collecting any!
Click the camp not the hero thang :+1:

I think this is for when you accidentally click the hero thing not the camp

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Then you get people complaining a about a extra click if your sure you want to empty out your training camp! :woman_shrugging:

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No, that’s not the idea. If you click collect on a training camp you’re now locked into collecting them until your roster is full. There’s still the regular ‘ok’ button to collect that hero, but there would be another button off in a corner that lets you cancel, you don’t need to ever click it if you don’t want to cancel.


I understand what you are saying, and I completely agree. Hopefully this gets noticed and addressed. I would love that cancel button too.


Estoy de acuerdo amiga fuerzas y no te rindas sigue. :+1::+1::+1::grinning::grinning:

Mod translation via Google

I agree friend forces and do not give up follow.

Hmmm that doesn’t help much…

I agree, friend. Stay strong, move on, and dont give up.

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This is a tricky one. Some people want to collect as many heroes as possible with a single click. This request is to collect heroes one at a time and then stop when you click an X.

The irony is that today you have to click through each unique hero but if you click by accident, even if you exit the game, you still retrieve as many heroes as you can fit into your roster. As a result, neither party is satisfied with the current design of resource gathering.

A possible compromise would be a collect-all button for the ones that want to get everything at once, and then a cancelable one-at-a-time option if you click the existing hero collection icon. Or maybe click and hold to collect all. QoL upgrades don’t seem to get much attention from the devs though. *walks away grumbling to collect heroes from TC19.*

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I haven’t collected any from my tc20 since Atlantis and iv added 1 to it each day without collecting any
Iv added to one of my tc11 everyday without collecting!
Iv added to my tc2 without collecting iv subtracted from another Tc11 to add to tc11 without collecting.
How can I manage this and I’m pretty sure others can aswell!
But you can’t?

I don’t use tc20 anymore nor did I ever accidentally open it. Ive seen alliance mates, people in the fb group and youtubers all say they have accidentally opened it while stockpiling out of habit of clicking it.

Isn’t it weird how I don’t make this mistake yet I can still see how it would be beneficial to correct this situation should you mess up. Also your point is like telling people you haven’t had a car accident in a month, that they shouldn’t either. People do make mistakes, a good design accounts for that. “You shouldn’t crash, you don’t need airbags”.

@Benn yes that would be another great feature, I would love that shoved in another corner.

I watched my sister play stardew valley recently, she was mashing buttons to lay seeds in every tile so I asked if she could just hold the button and run. Unsurprisingly, yes you can. I have noticed how silly it is you have to mash collect.

I get your point of it can be a mistake then it’s a case of deal with it.
It’s not life and death in like in car crash! There’s already a thread about multiple clicks on the game as it.
You basically can’t please everyone and you never will! It wouldn’t bother me if it is added or not, as benn put just a collect all button for a camp! :woman_shrugging:
Good luck in your quest!

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