Cancel building to start another

It would be nice if we could cancel a building if we decide to start another one.
For example I click on upgrade the forge from 14 to 15 (1 and a half day) but 2 hours later I decide it would be better to upgrade farm from 18 to 19, so I should have a CANCEL button on forge (even losing proportional iron) and be free to go to farm

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Absolutely! After you click on BUILD you have 2 choices: Wait for the entire time or spend gems to speed up. That feature should exist.

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Now you have to pay with diamonds to cancel an upgrade. Actually you don’t cancel, but finish the upgrade. Diamonds are hard to get and are way to high to buy with real money. So I really suggest to add a cancel upgrade button. For gameplay it’s good that the used recourses won’t or partially return to the player.

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Great idea! I was going to suggest this!! Please add this!

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Here’s a thought: a “Cancel Upgrade” ability. How many people have put a 10hr+ upgrade into motion, then realized “Oh crap! I forgot i needed to upgrade [your screw-up here] first!” As it currently stands, you’re stuck with it unless you have enough crystals. If a “Cancel Upgrade” ability is added, the resources are fully refunded, and you can do whatever you need to do first…


Spend the gems to complete it.
Silly request really.

Except i dont HAVE the gems…

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If you don’t have enough gems, and aren’t willing or aren’t able to buy more gems, you’re kinda stuck…

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Then pay more attention to your building choice.

Really in such a slow grinding game which speed of no consequence to your development is waiting a day or two to build that other building going to set you back that much or affect you game strategy .

I think not.

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@Ozy1 would you find it somehow problematic or objectionable if SG were to implement this request?


There are more much needed requests being asked for that would greatly help many more players than this request.

But lets look at this objectively.

You start to build a building which you have paid say 130000k of Iron (which you already worked hard saving) for which takes 24hrs to complete. You have the option to speed that up using say 800 gems already.

Now you realise you want a different building so you want to reverse that decision to buikd another building, CORRECT?

So in reversing it do you lose all that iron ir do you expect to get it all back. Personally yes you used it you lose it.
So having to refill your iron storage would be a must which takes time thus majes reversing pointless.

If you don’t lose it then SG may ad well remove or decrease the gems amount to finish sooner as players would just reverse.

So in the end all you really achieved was delaying your own progress within the game to start with.

This isn’t about weather it would bother me if it where implemented, it’s about it being a pointless request that can only set you back rather than improve your progress not to mention the minimal amount of players that would use it.

So yes far more important requests that much more needed in the game.

Ok, then. Probably the best option is to just comment that you feel like this request shouldn’t be a high priority, and leave it there.

How many people actually think it would be useful will be reflected in the vote total (currently 2, so not that many people just yet). You and I can speculate all day about how many people would use it, but we’d just be guessing.

Whether or not the chance to lose iron/food in exchange for changing buildings is a worthwhile trade is a decision that I trust other players to make. There’s really no benefit I can see in getting into an argument over it, though.

Who’s arguing?

To disagree does not constitute it being an argument

If you aren’t trying to argue, I’d advise you do think carefully about how your words may be perceived by others. Because I wasn’t even on the receiving end and it felt pretty harsh to me.

Telling someone what they should be doing instead, then dismissing the idea as a “silly request” is the start of an argument, not constructive feedback.

You then continue with this harsh comment:

Then you kick off a debate about whether waiting for a building to complete will set you back in game, complete with the very snippy “I think not.” at the end:

It feels to me like you’re spoiling for a fight about this idea.


Well then you must be talking about this whole forum in general especially the replies from the most common frequent users here who repeatedly reply with direct statements.

Your comment would pretty much cover about 90% of this forum acts in general.

don’t mistaken a direct comment for an arguement my dear.

Lost resources

When you cancel an “in progress” crafting, or training, the resources are deliberately lost - per Devs ( see Notes), so Iron or food would be lost.

Repurposing your builder

The only case I can see for urgently needing to undo a builder would be incredibly niche.

Most cases it it just better to move on with your game.

But a reset button could be added to the game
( see Notes ).


(MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal )

(Ability to reverse an accidental feeding of a hero)


Here’s a good example of how to handle disagreement with an idea.

Note that the long-term forum users are either:

  • asking questions (“How is this different from titain flasks?”)
  • offering pretty gentle disagreement (“I’m not a fan of that idea, personally. Titan flasks should be rare, and not available for constant purchase, in my opinion.”).

The strongest comment is a pretty terse one from a non-native English speaker.

In fact, looking over your idea posts for the last several months (of which there are many), the only person to really argue with you is Rigs. And I think that’s pretty common across all ideas not related to draw odds. People are generally pretty respectful handling idea proposals.

Draw odds get people pretty hot under the collar.


Get over yourself. Like I need or going to take lessons from you just because your not hearing what you wanna hear.

Seems to be the common thing around there, agree with us or your an arguing outcast.

Seems you alrwady hace so many issues to deal with that I am afraid further responds on this matter may only increase your already dilemmas if how others should speak which isn’t part of this OP’s discussions.

Maybe you start a new thread on this matter.


I didn’t even notice that this wasn’t an available option. While I personaly have not needed to stop building, I don’t think this is an unreasonable request or idea.

Aside from spending gems to finish building, the only other viable option is to purchase a second builder.

While this may not be a pressing issue, it does seem like it could be a very simple implementation. It would not hurt any other player, but has the potential to benefit those who need that option.


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