Canadians are charged more than Americans (when calculating the dollar difference)

Hi, for 10,000 gems it costs me $ 139.99 CAD while Americans are charged 99.99 USD. The problem is $ 99.99 usd = $ 132.00 cad. Shouldn’t Canadians be charged $ 132.00 cad per 10,000 gems as oppose to $ 140.00. When you calculate the dollar difference Canadians are being charged more then Americans.

I would love to here from E&P Support.

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Different taxes, higher google fees? Here in Germany the gem costs are also much higher than in the US or Japan or … or …


Whar does 10,000 gems cost you in german marks/ or euros ?

109,99 €uro. :zipper_mouth_face:

I think in Australia it’s more expensive too and even the euro. Compared to my price which is British sterling the £ pound!

It’s to help pay for the wall …


But seriously, are there taxes built-in? And if so shouldn’t the price change then from province to province?

In Quebec there is a 15% provincial sales tax. Here in BC we don’t have that tax.

In Ontario it’s 8% PST (hidden in the 13% HST).


It’s the same in thousands of mobile multiplayer games.

$100US = $140CDN.

Every game out there.

Yeah since everything is baseline USD they round up to make sure they’re covered if the exchange rate plummets.

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Romania - 118,34 $
20 characters​:weary::weary::weary:

99.99 USD = 89.26 EUR, but, nevertheless, in EU I am being charged 109.99 EUR…

90 + 19% = 107,1 = ~110

Heroes have to pay val add tax :wink:


$99 equals $124 in Poland

Yep u are totally correct, its $159.99 Aus $ for 10000 gems, that equates to $107.58 U.S so we are definently copin it

If you live in EU, I think your heard about VAT tax.

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Yes its true that the standard out there is 100 usd = 140 cdn, and that is unfortunate since if you look at the cdn to usd over the last 5 years (very easy to quickly do on google) you will see that with the exception of 1 month (jan 2016) it has always been lower than 140 and on average 130.
If they lowered it to at least 135 that would still pretty much be guaranteed to stay above market, and be a more fair conversion.

So for us Canadians we can just link to an american google account and buy our gems for cheap(er) :slight_smile:

I think we Canadians should apologize for even complaining about this … in true Canadian fashion :joy::rofl: