Canadian SandWitch Recruiting

Good day loveable Community, I would like to announce that after 3 years of active play we have decided to create our very own team work highly efficient and productive Alliance!!!

Canadian SandWitch is actively recruiting!

No Mercanaries Please. BRAND SPANKING NEW ALLIANCE. Super Awesome fun Supportive Team. LEVEL 60 & 2400 Cup Minimum. Lets see how fast we become another top 100 Alliance. Stellar Growth Potential. Wicked Strategy, Synergy and Smarts. Be part of the original series. We care for our members with real heart. We also have real Witches. None of that TV/Movie fake Witches!!! Real Pitchfork Broomstick Witches from an underground clandestine Jabedo secret society!!!

We have the experience and game. A mature crowd with unbelievable talent and RNG Voodoo magic! The team will be filling up fast. Best of luck and understand we will be raiding you all day long, even when you sleep! We kill everything like the Titan 14s we walked away from! We use Discord so that we can bug you for missing your flags!!! Jeez

The true nature is for reverse engineered brilliance and development for the love of the game! We got this!!! Just don’t kill each other?
Alright!!! Were on the same team!!! We don’t die…we multiply!!!

I would also like to apologize for our Hero Academies constantly running Level 10 getting a good hero every RNG rare occasion. Thank you in advance for your patience and support. We going to kill this!!! Stop making money off of our talent!!! The Original CBR :fire: :axe: :hammer: : :axe: :fire:


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