Can you use epic tokens for upcoming Grimforest - Jan 2019

Fables of Grimforest should start on the 14th. I got Hansel from the hero token earned but since then epic hero tokens could not be used to summon event heroes (apart from Santa’s Challenge)

Any info on if & when epic tokens can be used for events will be appreciated. If memory serves, previous Grimforest didn’t allow it.

*** I may also be completely mistaken and may have used saved gems to summon him. I was F2P back then.

Epic tokens can be used for seasonal but not monthly events

Hansel was snagged with gems

And we should be seeing wonderland event instead of fables unless SG changes their mind


Thank you. Want to update our alliance info sheets. Thank you

In the meantime I’ll go scratch my itch to summon by dunking my head in cold water. Kunchen will have to wait until then

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I missed this in search. Here is everything you need to know


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I couldn’t wait…had to scratch


Congrats on getting Karil! The hero everyone desires :wink:


He’s a good little feeder. Lol

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You answered your own question. :grin:

Close topic?


Haha, yes, but not sure how or do mods do it? Thx

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