Can you use Epic Hero Tokens (EHT) in Challenge Event Summons? [Answer: No, only Epic Hero Summons and Seasonal Event Summons]

I know you can use them in the seasonal halloween summon, but I was curious if you could also use them in the upcoming Guardian’s event summon.

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Sorry, you can’t! Only normal summons/seasonal summons


Do hero tokens work in Avalon?


Nope, you can use EHTs only in seasonal events.


EHT are only available to be used during seasonal events. You can not use them any other time

Thanks for the question; I was saving my EHTs for Avalon, but alas, I see that’s pointless… Here’s hoping for a good one from the regular summons…

EDIT for laughs:

Dawa and Gunnar. Yippee. Got Chochin #5 or 6 from AR, too. :roll_eyes:

Back to the waiting-for-yellow-and-Jean-François drawing board…

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