Can you spend iron/food still in mine/farm or watchtower storage?


I haven’t tested this yet, but am wondering if someone already knows the answer. I have been basing my building decisions solely on stored resources without accounting for anything in the mine/farm/ or watchtower storage. Or can you only use those resources to refill your storage buildings?


No you can’t spend anything unless you collect it to your storages.


Thanks, seems to me that if you harvest it you should be able to spend whether it is in storage building, watchtower, or farm/mine. But not how developers intended


You can only spend resources that are in storage, but you can always take resources out of farms and mines and then spend it. Even if there isn’t a food or iron icon, you can click the building and the collect button.

Watchtower works differently. It collects stuff there and then once in a while you can pick it out to your storage.