Can you receive all heros from epic hero summons?

I’m sure this question has already been asked but I can not find it. Can all heros be obtained through the epic hero summons and/or elemental summon? Specifically I’m wondering about past HOTM but curious what all is available.

Hey :slight_smile:

No, only the heroes shown can be obtained in the various summon portals. E.g. past HOTMs can only be obtained from Atlantis Rises (which features 2 past HOTMs per month).

Epic Hero Summon: All Season 1 3*, 4* and 5*.
Elemental Summon: All Season 1 3*, 4* and 5* of that specific element shown.


You have a tiny chance at the current hotm too


Thank you. I just realised I had two HOTMs that where before I started playing, so I was trying to figure out how I got them. They must have been Atlantis pulls because that’s the main place I’ll do a 10 pull.

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